Featuring James Green, A respected Student at WCC

The phone rung off the hook, and the Director of Operations, Dr. Zepp, answered in his usual way. He sipped his wine and stroked his mustache as the voice on the other end droned on. He looked down at his tie, and started fiddling with a button on his suit. Suddenly he sat bolt upright in his chair, and hurriedly said good-bye to the voice in the phone. Running to the mirror hanging in the opposite room, he regarded himself without seeing a thing. His mind was racing, and in a bound, he was on the move again. He had it; this idea was brilliant! … And the office was never the same afterwards.

So started the gears of evolution within the enterprise of ETBmugbug&bros. In a lull of inactivity, the company was at a standstill, and many of its workers were asking for a paid Christmas vacation. Anything was better than the mind-numbing nothingness of the office. Yet, Dr. Zepp came up with the antidote; and remedy that was so simply brilliant, that even Ernie Thee Bass was scratching his cranium over why he hadn’t thought of it.

For years the college of Wyoming Catholic struggled with fashion statements. No-one understood the dresscode, and violations were happening daily. In fact, one of the frustrated prefects, Senior Tesa Lever from Ohio, stated that “She was going out of her mind over the skyrocket of dresscode offenses.” Although many were led to believe that student debt consisted of tuition dues, the IIT Secret Services found that “a hefty percentage of student debt was contributed to the fines levied by such violations.” (Andrew Matthews, Chief Security Officer)

Obviously such crimes had to come to a stop, and for the sake of the community, a clear fashion statement had to be made. IIT had its hands full with other problems, such as controlling the situation in the Pequod, so ETBmugbug&bros decided to do something about it. However, the question then arose: What to do? The months dragged by, and still no one could come up with anything. That is, until Dr. Zepp had the idea to start a fashion magazine.

The aim was simple. A magazine would be issued that would deal with the problems faced by the many college students regarding fashion. Helpful tips and advice would be given, and even clothing sources would be established. In a recent press confrence, Dr. Zepp stated that “We have the resources available, it is up to us to seek them out and use them. I am talking about the Methodist Thrift Shop as an example.” The junior Edith Mess heartily agreed. The design and idea was readily approved by its partner in enterprises, Irkutsk Ice Truckers; and the first edition of the magazine was printed.

Featuring Junior James Green on its front cover, the magazine also stars several of WCC’s other fashionable men within its glossy pages. With hopes to constitute a sensible style for the students, this magazine strives for a collaboration of dress-code with fashion: something that has been established by the college, but not yet brought to the light for many. Men’s Fashion is the only topic at present, but perhaps the Women’s Fashion will be produced sometime in the near future.