Beijing, China – Finals at Wyoming Catholic College this year were a mix of mail-in written exams and online forms, papers, and quizzes submitted to professors. So far it appears that all the online finals which students took this year have been submitted and received alright, but unfortunately somehow all the mail-in finals got sent, not just to the wrong address, but all the way to China and their premier Xi Jinping himself.

“We dont understand how this happened,” a bewildered school official told students in an email today announcing the “apparent error” which school officials only learned of after Chinese State media reported the “glorious capture and arrival in the mailbox of their premier of the official documents beloning to the ‘Americans’.” The pictures, shown on the state media, however, were images of sophomore Latin exams and Euclid finals, which caused school professors to realze that what had not yet been received by them was actually in the hands of the Chinese government.

“Unfortunately everyone has to retake all the lost finals, since we lost them,” head of student life Mary Detsegah told students. “In order to make sure your finals do get back to us, this time though, we’ve asked the help of election officials  across the country who have great experience with mail-in ballots. Everything’s sure to run smoothly this time.”

No one’s really sure why the Chinese government officials are so happy to have received WCC students’ finals, although IIT officials seem to think that it may be that they think the documents are actually CIA files.