Everyone at WCC knows about Super Flex. They’re not just the college’s student maintenance team overseeing the school’s campus and fleet. They have uniforms. In fact, they even have hats. Some of them even have Flex jackets. Their job title is almost a trademark: Flex™. Most people even know who their supervisors are. But most don’t think any further. You see that’s where it gets a little funny, and interesting to a conspiracy theorist like me. Every current and former supervisor of the team is from either Oregon or Montana. Now that could just be a coincidence until you add the facts that there have been a lot of people with this position over the school’s history AND that all these supervisors were closely associated with each other before coming to the school.

Is it just a coincidence that three current and former supervisors grew up making movies together? That relatives of former supervisors most often get picked, first to be on Flex, and then to supervise it? That supervisors often hang out with each other outside of their work at the school and even after graduation? That people on Flex often marry other former members of Flex, and come back to work for Flex after they graduate?

A current Super Flex Super-visor

From the words of a current Flex supervisor himself, “I do anything and everything in my power (Machiavellian virtu) to keep our team ‘close-knit’.” Isn’t it obvious that there’s something out of the ordinary about the Super Flex team? What does he even mean by “close-knit” anyway? How close is “close” and how knit is “knit”?

Regular members (players) on the Flex team are picked from a broader selection of students but there’s still a suspiciously large percentage of them that are related, knew each other beforehand, or were (and are) interested in the same things.

It’s interesting. Maybe that’s why they’re one of the work-study teams with the highest reported job-satisfaction, the group that’s most truly one team. It’s because they’re all specially picked for the position by a yet-unnamed BCF (that is, Big Catholic Family) that secretly runs everything maintenance-related at the school and picks only members from its own.

Some current Super Flex teammembers

Now you also probably know that Flex has a lot of power at the school. They decide whether the lights will work in your dorm room, whether the buildings get flooded or not, whether buildings get toilet paper or soap, rugs or microwaves, even the colors that walls are painted They enforce curfew by kicking people out of buildings, often in this respect wielding greater power than prefects. They have political power and the ability to lobby the school’s administration. They control access to all school vehicles. Hey, they’re the guys (and girl) with the keys to every place on campus. They have access to any place on campus and a reason (or at least an excuse) to be there.

For a long time I thought it was the Student Life Office that ran the school. But that’s not true, for Student Life only gives the commands. It’s Super Flex’s place to decide whether or not they want to execute them. Super Flex can control or affect anything at Wyoming Catholic College that they wish. 

Super-Flex’s latest draft pick, the first of the 2021 season

And this power belongs to the “he” or the “they” which control Super Flex. That “they” is the extremely tight-knit friend/family group, with members in both Oregon and Montana, that ultimately then controls everything that happens at WCC. It’s a cabal with the power to run everything even beyond WCC, beyond Lander, and beyond Wyoming. It’s a cabal with the power, prove by what it runs at WCC, to run the world!