Fun stuff everywhere this week

At Wyoming Catholic College this week is N.N.-Week or Nicholistri Nostri. The school has defined and explained it well in their announcement email, but only provided a few ideas, leaving the creativity up to you. While we love to see creativity,  for those freshmen new to it, or upperclassmen wanting to try something new and unique, IIT has collected five of the best ideas you can use in giving instructions to your “NN”. 

Here thus are five sets of instructions you can use on your NN. Just copy or write down the heading and get it to them.


  1. Only be able to move between buildings by being carried.

This one obviously won’t work well if your NN is Theo, but for many people, it’s a classic assignment. For those whom your NN has to call upon to be carried by, its a great opportunity for courtesy, chivalry, and sometimes even courtship.

  1. Longboard everywhere

If your NN is a freshman, this might not seem out of the ordinary for them, but for everyone else, its quite an experience, as with the fun Joseph Frederickson had at PEAK way back in 2017 when he did the same on his own. You may not be able to longboard in Frassati because there’s a rumor that Joe’s experience with a longboard back then caused the school to secretly ban it from that building, but just about anywhere else is free and open game.

  1. Act like they’re still in the wilderness on COR

This has many possibilities. You could have them do “bear-calls” all day, not shower, or maybe even have to take all their smellables to a bear fence half a mile away from the dorms.

  1. Send out an all school email proposing to all the women in the school at once

The point of this one is to be awkward, but this is especially fun, because some of them might actually say yes. 

  1. Act like a professor.

This can encompass many things. Have your NN dress like a professor, sit in their seat in classes, and maybe even try to take over the class. If you want to get really adventurous you could even have them squat in their office, try to grade papers and the like.