Wyoming Catholic College is selecting a president to succeed Dr. Glenn Arberry and take office in 2024. Here are IIT’s top picks for who could, or should, be the next at the helm.

Dr. Pavlos Papadopolous: A renowned political philosopher perfect for leading an educational institution like WCC for the sake of ever greater growth in individual and collective virtue.

Donald Trump: Why not? Make WYOMING Great Again! Drain the Kitchen!

Dr. Glenn Arbery: Ask him to take another term. Often the best candidates for a leadership position are those that don’t want it.

Dr. Papadopolous: Stellar resume, incredible orator, renowned political commentator. Ask him before TAC does.

Dr. Kevin Roberts: Political connections, another stellar resume, could turn us into the next Hillsdale if we could convince him to come back for another term.

Everett Polinski: Business leader, very funny, incredibly successful, would also give him something to do to stay out of trouble

Random freshman: Would keep them out of trouble. Just like with making the wild kids into prefects, it’s been tried and worked before.

Elon Musk: Would help the budget a lot, but this would also add the additional complexity of a Mars program on top of the outdoor program. He would also probably want students to have phones in order to make them all Twitter users. Horsemanship would also be replaced with driving Teslas.

Anthony Jones: A good career building position on his way to becoming the president of the United States.

Rinju Chenet: He’s already all over the marketing, so making him president would be the simplest transition yet.