Lander, WY – Wyoming Catholic College announced the hiring of a new marketing director named Efficient Kwas. Now you might be thinking. The school just hired a Kwas. Is WCC hot on the road back towards a tradisty?

At first blush, yes. At second blush, most likely. At third blush, whooo, we’re safe. Efficient Kwas actually considers liturgies conducted in the vernacular to be valid. We learned this after a highly trained IIT investigative reporter caught a photo of Efficient Kwas walking into the WCC Byzantine Chapel for Divine Liturgy accompanied by the assistant to the assistant to the regional manager of WCC admissions. Now, one IIT source we spoke to told us that this of itself might not be proof that Efficient Kwas is accepting of other rites of the Church. Perhaps Mr. Kwas was just being given a campus tour. After all there were rumors that he was to be returning to WCC as a student.

But another IIT source gave us even more damning, or perhaps we should say, hopeful evidence. Efficient Kwas was heard speaking during the Liturgy. Whoo, I think we can agree we’re saved. Mr. Kwas accepts active participation by the congregation during the Liturgy. Whatever kind of Rad-Trad he is, and many people who know all 4 of the Kwas’s are adamant that they are all Rad-Trads of some form or another, the Efficient Kwas is not THAT kind of Rad-Trad.