Further dividing an already factioned school, Heithoff’s thesis oration today ended unexpectedly with remarks that “we are primarily an academic institution”.

This statement comes to the great disappointment of many outdoor lovers who were looking for at least some balance from the current senior class. “He’s entitled to his personal opinion, but what he said was simply not true” one observer commented.  “We are both an outdoor and an academic institution.”

Don’t be fooled, these are NOLSEYs

Adding to his surprise remarks, Heithoff gave subtle support to the idea of a Catholic theocracy,  something that also provokes great division externally as many NOLSEYs plan protests, angry at his remarks given right next to their operation.

“This hurts the image of Lander,” one said. “How can we get liberals to come here for our galas if we have to live right next to a Catholic community.”

IIT advises extra caution this weekend in the face of possible violence over these comments.

NOLS could not be reached for comment over their official opinion on Heithoff’s comments.