Gregory – god of Mischief

In a sudden turn of events, WCC sophomore Gregory Legreid was revealed to the world yesterday as the “god of mischief”.

Standing on the top of Frassati Hall, and flanked by “Legionaries” from “the Legion”, Gregory presented his theology paper to an assembled crowd of students who were blown away by its self-referential beauty. After listening for twenty minutes the crowd fell down in stunned stupor as Dr. Holmes rang a 255 pound heresy bell in amazed response at Gregory’s paper, which in amazing similarity to the truths revealed through the Evangelium Andreii portrays Gregory himself as a god equal to or greater than Andrew and Janelle.

While few details about the worship he requests and deserves if in fact a god were revealed, rumors suggest that a great deal of Bacchic principles are to be a part of Gregory’s cult while he revealed himself at the conclusion of his reading as specifically, “the god of mischief”.

Students from Wyoming Catholic College are still wondering how he lived here for two years without being revealed as a god until now but WCC staff are taking it in stride saying in an official press release: “We have years of experience harboring gods among us, and if Gregory be added to their number, well, we can add to his eternal memory through mention in the Student Handbook.”

Further details about Gregory and his cult are to be released on March 14th according to his prophet spokesman John Paul Terneus who promises “shock and awe” in the full manifestation of Gregory.