WCC Students received a notice several weeks ago about new salad dressing options, a positive for the few compulsive detractors of “Frat”. As the notice reads, new options will be made available upon popular suggestion.
We currently have three options for salad dressing in the salad bar; I would like to add more options. We will be making home made salad dressing, but I would like to make the kind that is most popular among you all. Please email me with what kinds of salad dressing you would like to have. The most popular kind(s) will be added to the salad bar.
Sophia Donaldson 

In particular, Freshmen Max Terlisner is very excited about the possibility of ghost-pepper dressing. Sophia Donaldson, a sophomore from Alabama heartily agrees saying, “ghost-pepper would go great with the character of our school given all the rumors of the haunted hotel” and the “Hot sauce” and “Spicy” comments that are so widespread among students here.

“We could use some spicing up of things around here” says Kansas sophomore Aaron Langley, “and this announcement couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank you Bruce.” And again he is not alone in this praise at the school’s decision, but surprisingly many people are praising others for this decision with a Freshmen/Sophomore dance squad repeatedly chanting: “Thank you Ben” instead.
But even with this positive news about salad dressing options, several students are still not happy.
“Dressing?” questions Texas senior Samuel Butler. “I’ve been here four years and never, I say never, have I touched it or wanted it. What we need is Salt and barbecue sauce, neither of which are guaranteed in the Frat.”
Further, IIT contributor Everett also complains about the lack of adequate salt, a controversy that seems poised to overshadow the now almost immediately forgotten news about dressing. 
Many want BBQ sauce new study shows


A look at the class quotebook shows nothing positive about the salad dressing announcement while derogatory comments are still being made as in this:
 It’s the common eating that send the wealthy into rioting. -Commentary on Lycurgus 
But salt supplies are at dangerous new lows in Frassati

But “They don’t like Frassati food either,” -Johannes

Furthermore, none of the salad dressing options have yet appeared, even though this email was again sent several weeks ago, leading to gathering rumors that the announcement was but an attempt at distraction.
We’ll keep you updated when we hear more, but for now: What do you think about the new options? Or have you even though about these promised “rumors” in the midst of the travesty of salt depletion?