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WCC students and residents of the surrounding community are chilled by reports of multiple groups of ghostly figures climbing, wandering, and moving all about Lander. Leaving no trace, and doing no apparent crimes, the presence of whatever this is, however, has become quite frightening to many. As an unnamed student captured on his phone last week, this, one of only two actual images of the figures gives few clues, but enough t0 further the terror of whomever these figures actually are. 
A highly enlarged image of the figures on top of a tower
Our source did not give the image’s exact location, but said that from his hidden vantage point he observed three figures climbing up the tower seen in his image, chanting some unintelligible phrases, and then climbing back down and disappearing into the night. “I didn’t follow them,” he said, “because all along as I was watching them I had a terrible feeling that I was myself being watched. In the moment, I was fixed to my spot, fixated on their faces. I managed to get off two pictures while they were on top of the tower, but then, as they ran off I blanked out. I know they ran away, but I can’t really remember or really know what happened at the same time.” 
Our anonymous sources’ report is the most detailed on these figures as of April 24th. While several dozen have reported seeing them off in the distance, no one else has gotten an image or seen anything but them climbing and moving far away. Lander Police are aware of these incidents, but having no crime to investigate, believe on the limited information they have that these figures are likely only “drunks or teenagers”. “No harm has yet been done,” said Lander Police Chief Bernie Branson in an April 15th statement, “and while these reports have frightened many, we can’t take action without a crime. If you see them trespassing, report it, and we can take action, but for now,  we have little concern.”
As this image captured after the chief’s statement supposedly shows these trespassing, the situation may change, but the Lander Police have not yet responded on our submission of this evidence, which we delivered Monday to their office.
Theories are thus still wide open as to the identity of these figures, with many disbelieving the simple assessment of Chief Branson. “It’s the Wyoming IRA I tell you,” says Ryan Kilman, a WCC Sophomore. “They came into town with the Freshman Rockers this year and are up to something.” But school officials put blame on NOLSeys involved in “nature rituals” even as the NOLSeys themselves blame “global-warming and President Trump” for causing “mental-derangement that forces people to run around from terror and anxiety.” Yet another opinion comes WCC’s Professor Washut, who claims “its just Dionysus, Apollo, and Athena”. But the most popular opinion from an IIT survey of Freshman Rockers (48% believe this of those surveyed) is that secret agents plan to overtake Lander and install a version of Socrates’ ideal city as in the Republic.

What do you think? Do you know anything about who these figures are? Tell us by commenting below.