Lander, WY: Amid a growing field of candidates, Dr. and Dr. Arbery announced their joint bid for re-election today as co-presidents of Wyoming Catholic College.

The couple has served jointly since the contentious 2016 election over the school and hopes their tough stance on admissions and economic pressure on competitors like Christendom and TAC will allow them to secure a second term.

“We’ve been making WCC great again,” said Dr. Arbery in a speech today and we promise to continue our work if elected, offering even more fun ahead for everyone.”

The 2020 election comes in only fifteen months and most commentators on the situation were surprised the Arberys didn’t announce their candidacy sooner.

“The field is already quite crowded between Olsson, Washut, Zepeda, and Grove in the Philosophic Party and the Arberys may be facing a primary challenger in Baxter within their own Humanistic Party,” our political correspondent Nemec explains. “This is about as late as anyone seriously running would announce.”

Currently, the Arberys have a 91% approval rating and win 70-30% in IIT’s polls against the Philosophic contender considered most serious, Dr. Grove. These numbers have seen quite a rise in recent weeks as concern over possible Russian collusion in the 2016 election has subsided even as Nemec continues to investigate links between the Arbery campaign and Russian nationals.