Lander, WY: After three years of discussion and debate on what to do with the Broken Anvil Ranch they own, the board of Wyoming Catholic College approved a “rad” and some say “trad” new idea for the 900 acre property.

Its a theme park.

Mark Oswood – Co-chair of WCC Board of Directors

“It’s going to be called WCCleland and it’ll be the most real experience around,” says WCC board co-chair Mark Oswood of Nebraska. Set to open in the fall of 2020, construction will begin in a record-setting (for a theme park) three weeks from now.

WCCLEland comes from a combination of WCC and WCCLE, the initials of the college and of the outdoor adventure groups for COR the three-week trip which begins a student’s career at WCC. And a taste of that adventure is planned for this new attraction the college says with rides like the An-SLAM, the Wild Woman o’ Wind, Kavitz’s Fire Nation, and Rinju’s My People set to centerpiece the central new 400-acre park.

“Find out how it was like to fall off a cliff like Anselm on the AN-SLAM! Try to stay away from Rinju’s attacking “people”, or find the instructors on the Rare Hunt Rad ride” says OLP director Kristin Milligan. “Its all for you at WCCLeland, complete with a no-cell-phone policy, curfew, and

Kristin Milligan – Director of the Outdoor Leadership Program (OLP) at Wyoming Catholic College
Sharon Donaldson – mother of Junior Sophia

“It’ll ultimately be bigger than Disney,” says a proud Sharon Donaldson, the mother of WCC Junior Sophia and the inspiration for this idea. “I always wanted there to be some way for younger children to experience the outdoor program at WCC and now we have it,” she continued. “So when I was in town and met the co-chairman we were talking and this idea came into my head. I said it and they took it. And next year we’ll have it!”

WCCLEland is aimed as Sharon says to offer a “foretaste” of WCC and its outdoor program to young children but will also be thrilling to all ages with an outdoor combat survival simulation on a hundred acres of the property, COR drills, simulated bear attacks, and, IIT has heard rumors of, a simulated dormitory building as an onsite hotel where visitors can stay and experience authentic dorm raids every night.

Artist’s Conception of Broken Leg Waterpark – just one section of the new WCCLEland

More details are forthcoming from the official site of the new attraction:

Reports at press time suggest that NOLS may build a competing theme park next door to open in 2021 pressing WCC already to differentiate with new “Philosophy Class”, “Latin Party”, and “Friends of Ruth” rides, and maybe even a daily Latin Mass in a simulated mountain pass. “We’ll talk with Vigano about working on that one,” our source says of the Archbishop currently in hiding but who will come to Wyoming this summer to chaplain one of the six WCCLE expedition groups.

But doing so would mean competing with other school interests who want to keep him on already at the school as a chaplain in hopes it would also help to bring Dr. Kwasniewski to return amid further rumors that he will come back to Wyoming as a design director for WCCLEland.