New York, NY – The charity efforts of Irkutsk Ice Truckers’ sponsored organization Metal4Kids appear to be facing new pushback today after New York City’s public libraries just canceled all the planned children’s’ events it was to run throughout their library system in August. No advance notice was given of the first suspension of Metal4Kids’ “Cowboy Reading Hour” this morning which had dozens of children from ages of five to sixteen in attendance but library officials simply showed up and forced everyone out saying they “would not accept perversion and seduction of children”.

This is surprising given that the NYC libraries had actually invited the organization, amongst others, just weeks before in a call for programs for “education opportunities and interaction with different cultures and communities” with “novel storytelling acted out to inspire kids to discover new and diverse lifestyles”. This was Metal4Kids mission, to inspire and educate children who might never have had exposure to the “Traditional Catholic Cowboy Community” (TCCC) so Metal4Kids applied and was almost immediately accepted with five events scheduled throughout New York City this month. WCC students, running these events for the organization, and dressed up in either their classroom or a “cowboy” dress would read and discuss works like the Bible, Iliad, and the Virginian for an hour with kids, pray with them and talk about their experiences. Called “Cowboy Reading Hours” for the way their volunteers would dress and the lifestyle they were promoting, the events seemed poised for incredible popularity, with reservations filled nearly to capacity.

At least that this was the plan until today, but neither any of the student volunteers nor Metal4Kids have yet received any further explanation as to why their events were canceled when so many other similar but morally inverted events showcasing a quite different “culture” have been allowed and in fact promoted by the same libraries.

WCC lawyer David Anders plans to press for more information from the library system on their sudden decision, but it appears or the moment at least that New York City has something personal against cowboys and Catholics and children being exposed to them in particular.

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