And it’s here. The wisdom of ages. The humor of transcendent deity with which we’re “chummy”. Irkutsk Ice Truckers is now published with our first two books now available in paperback and e-book editions. Philosophy of Metal, our guide to Freshman year with great examples and teaching to enrich your MTL102 course performance is available on now for $4.99. The official sacred writings of the Cult of the Tree of Life, the Evangelium Andreii, modulated to enrich your life as a Sophomore rocker, is similarly ready and available now.

Written by our crack team of metalheads, warriors, truckers, liturgists, and more right here at IIT that is led by none other than Everett Polinski himself, this is only the beginning of the expansion of our mission to bring the truths of metalhead philosophy, updated history, and the Andreiic mind to everyone.

Writing these books had surprises even for Everett and the rest of the IIT staff that will inform and perhaps even require us to update our basic principles going forward. For example, we discovered a much higher “mention rate” than expected for Ruth, even by some measures greater than mentions of Andrew. While we will have to confirm first with Andrew/Spike, this could mean that even the Evangelium Andreii itself may need some updating, but we’re still figuring that out.

Search for Evangelium Andreii or Philosophy of Metal (a similar book just added) or talk to Everett at WCC to get them at a much-recommended discount.

 We hope eventually to make a third book like these. Write to and we could get your content published either there or right here on

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