Lander, WY – Famed Wyoming Catholic College junior Sebastian Hart has been chosen as one of the six head-leads for the 2020 COR Freshmen Expedition. Having won eternal glory within the WCC community already and planning to join the Navy SEALS after graduation, Sebastian will be “the most hard core, tough, and adventurous COR leader ever” says the director of the school’s Outdoor Leadership Program Dr. Carson Kimmert. “We’re extremely pleased to have Sebastian finally have a chance to show off some of his creative skills as the first experience of WCC that next year’s freshman will have, and we know he’s also excited.”

“This will be the most ‘lit-time” COR ever,” Sebastian tells us, “We got this dudes!”

Sebastian will be the first person to head-lead COR their first time leading it, but as the most trusted and most skilled for the job, he’ll introduce some military and guriella warfare tactics into what he’s teaching the students on the expedition. Misadventures, like that which befell WCCLE 5 last year and the still unknown fate of WCCLE 6 this year, may actually be planned in advance, and COR hopes Sebastian eventually returns after his military career, possibly even to lead the OLP, so much hope and trust do they hold in him.

Next year’s freshmen are already excited and hoping they get placed in his WCCLE, like Timothy Beckman of Conneticut, who’s “heard so many stories about Sebastian already that they can’t wait to meet him in person and get to have real adventures with him.”