Jiang and Hier with Matthew C. and Joe F.

Wyoming Catholic College’s hospitable face was as full as can be last week with the visit of two prospective students all the way from… – Asia. Two red-dressed twins who speak perfect English albeit with an accent new to most of the WCC community,  Jiang and Hier Chang have caused a huge sensation. With the twins coming all the way from the small country of Ragaan in Southeast Asia, school admissions office personnel still don’t know exactly how they found out about WCC, but they already appear set to come here.

Cher enjoying lunch in the beautiful Frassati dining hall

School officials are considering giving them a new scholarship award for being “Visitors of the Year” and are extremely happy with the new recognition the school must now be getting in Asia. 

“After they visited a week it looks really likely they’ll come here as our first Asian students,” says school admissions director Nick Yelruc. “But we’re also excited about even more is the potential we have to get dozens more just like them. 

Taking advantage of the nationwide hype over the visit of Jiang and Hier, school executive vice president Saul H. Ciwoknot comments, “You too can come and get the same experience as our much publicised visitors. Apply today or plan your visit at wyomingcatholic.edu/admisisons.

School cafeteria staff made some amazing Ragaan dishes to make Jiang and Cher feel right at home