Lander, WY – Local Wyoming Catholic College-owned bar, the Pequod, “may not be financially sustainable after the graduation of the Class of 2020”, financial consultants for the school suggest. Seniors are the only ones keeping the bar afloat, and while their business has been “quite good” recently, they’ll all be leaving this May, of course, something the business, “just hasn’t prepared for” they continue.

The Pequod has lost business to other college-owned bars this year including Crux After Hours, and Joe’s Apartment, and at the same time has not gained business as some had predicted from last month’s closing of The Forge. “Students, outside of seniors, just aren’t drinking like they could be,” school Student Life officer Andy “Rota” Fortuna commented to IIT today. To try to boost business to sustainability, Andy commented last week to the whole school about how much exactly students are allowed to drink, but it seemed to have little effect with replies to his information offer showing focused interest to lie rather more with coffee and tea than any liquors.

Andy, the primary bartender at the Pequod, though assisted by “mandatory volunteers” from amongst the prefects, will try expanding hours and expanding advertising next, with charity events such as a fundraiser for a “Golden Tripod” offering opportunities to get people at least through the door in the future. “I’m not being catastrophic, but if sales don’t pick up, we may have to go back to the original intent of the place, people having to bring their own alcohol. Really? Can’t we support at least two or three bars on campus? Let’s step it up!”