In response to the so-called “novel-coronavirus”, also known as COVID-19, Wyoming Catholic College has instituted updates to their dress code. Beginning March 14th, everyone will be required to wear hazardous material (haz-mat) suits at all times on campus while keeping a minimum distance of six feet from all others. Each student will be issued their matching and identical suit in Baldwin tomorrow, Friday the 13th and the suits will be worn “at all times students are outside of dorm rooms until further notice” according to a school press-release on the changes.

Announcing the policy today in Frassati Hall, which will also be “literally pumped full of sanitizing chemicals nightly” school official Mr. Bryan Reegan-Daws says this “puts WCC at the highest level of preparedness it’s been at since at least pre-Winter Trip health protocols.”

Boots are now required at all times, previously banned unless snow is on the ground with full head coverings (more than hats) obviously required as part of wearing the hazmat suit. For once, Ruth is pleased with this requirement in particular for head coverings (ref. 1 Cor 11:13) but their remains concern amongst some “that the standards have no differentiation”.

“It sounds like we’re going a little far,” Dr. Stolsolin Denumerable, a Math and Science professor at WCC told IIT in an exclusive interview today in between sophomore math midterms. “However, we always want, and have to show that we’re just that little bit better than everyone else, just that little bit more prepared, just that little bit more efficient and effective.”

Even with the changes, Dr. Shrubs still keeps her exemption fully from all dress code requirements.