Official school directories of students, faculty, and staff released this week contain some fascinating details just hitting the press about the organizational structure at Wyoming Catholic College. For amongst the student directory, not only are graduates such as Mary Rensilret still listed as students but Dr. Bolin and Dr. Olsson are listed as students rather than professors and a current student as senior administrator.

This could be a simple mistake in how details were entered, but IIT sources within school administration say this is “highly unlikely” as the official directory corresponds to the online grading system of Populi used in all official record keeping at the school. “Nothings ever wrong here,” former school IT administrator Jonothan Gielbat tells us, “We expect and have 100% accuracy in all our communications, especially our technological ones.”

Neither “professor” has commented yet as yet on their being marked as students, but this is “either a sign of some top secret post-post graduate program that some of our professors are enrolled in or something much deeper is going on than we know about,” he continued.

Further sophomore Ameilia Skygeo is listed as a high level administrator on Populi. We don’t know what that means either, but it seems to bear similar intrigue as she told IIT that “it’s all classified, but “I can do special stuff on Populi.”

A meeting IIT reporters have scheduled with the new Student Life Director later this week should get us more information to share, and, hopefully, answers.

Though unexplained as of yet, events far stranger and more inexplicable have befallen Lander, WY and local Wyoming Catholic College over “about the past two years” ad are likely “part of a larger international plot” according to several intelligence agents working for IIT Intelligence, a world-first intelligence service subsidiary of our organization committed to ensuring global freedom, security, and risibility. As the world’s “most absolutely massive news service we’re committed to these same principles and keeping you up to date with more news on this and every other thing “you never knew that you didn’t know that you weren’t supposed to not to know”.