Lander, WY – Suspicions flared up today as students working for the summer at Wyoming Catholic College (WCC) discovered newsletters, advertising, branded gear and other paraphernalia for a rival university hidden almost in plain sight all over campus. 

“They must’a been planning an insurrection,” says prefect Theresa Scheidler, a rising senior from Illinois. “Why else would a fully-committed WCC student possess such treasonous material and hide it from view in such an obviously guilty manner?”

“What the purpose of this was, though, is what many want to know,” says IIT analyst Sophia Donaldson. “A normal student would never do this, of course, but what does even TAC have to gain by spreading their stuff around campus. Fear? Coercion? Was it a threat?”

WCC administration declined to comment on the discoveries, raising suspicion amongst some students about the loyalty (or lack thereof) of some faculty and staff members.