Lander, WY – Juniors of the Class of 2022 at Wyoming Catholic College are finally catching up with the “itchin to get hitched” Class of 2021 with the second confirmed marriage involving members of their class announced today. “It’s a little late in coming,” says class spokesman Bernadette Heithoff, “But we’re finally starting to ‘tie the knot’ as a class in more ways and senses than just Theo teaching the outdoor leader candidates.”

A Class of 2022 class event in February 2020

The first member of the Wyoming Catholic College Class of 2022 to be married, Angela Walker of California became so last month, with little announcement or fanfare to her class and she married a graduate of the Class of 2019, Jacob Martin with whom she had become close friends through their shared and common language of music.

But with the latest announcement today marriages with the Class of 2022 bcome more than just a singluar token, and more generally part of the class’s (including former members’) overall “feel” and ethos. Today Marlaina announced her engagement to a local Landerite she had befriended over the last year since she left WCC, “illustrating the deep and growing connections and integration members of the Class of 2022, as they pass through the curriculum are making with the local community” according to Heithoff.

Marlaina will me married November 8th in Lander, and whilst there still remains no “in class” marriages, and only one (possibly two if the definition used is a little broader) in class couples, “today’s announcement could provide a shot in the arm to the local dating scene which for the Class of 2022 has really been cooling down in recent semesters unfortunately.”

Bernadette hopes that the news of these marriages will help boost interest in dating in the Class of 2022 and the school at large and help the overall community interaction and progress scoring metrics for the school remain high.

“Maybe we can avoid the school having to start arranging marriages senior year,” she added. “It’s still a possibility, and the chance that they might unfortunately have to that is still higher than I’d like. But two people getting married is at least positive PR for my class.”

The seniors of the Class of 2021 have had five marriages involving members of their class so far, including three completely within their class. They also have five “within-class” couples compared to the juniors one and an overall dating rate 34% higher.