Lander, WY – Juniors at Wyoming Catholic College are hard at work on their Junior Leadership Project’s but the surprise according to commentators with this year’s class is that a majority of them have chosen “wedding planning” as their project’s focus.

Juniors everywhere at WCC are quickly getting married, so its not exactly a surprise that a lot of wedding planning is going on, but the “surprising fact” according to Mary Detesgah assistant director of Student Life at WCC “is that the ELP department is letting them count their own personal wedding planning for the JLP project requirement of the course.”

“Weddings are community events though,” argues Renee Dillinger, a senior at the school and a close friend of soon-to-be-wed Ellen Wit and Eziekal Ruab who are both counting their personal wedding plans for the requirement. “They’re pretty much inviting their whole class so its definitely like planning and running a big event.”

Mary Detesgah  wants the school to look a bit closer into all students’ plans for the project, as fulfilling the JLP requirement, while difficult and important, is probably not a good reason to get married. “I’m a little concerned that students are tang ELP to seriously and getting hitched just to pass. That’s like being addicted to grades and is not what we’re about at WCC so someone needs to look into that,” she added.

Ellen has already spent over a hundred hours planning and prepping for her wedding, enough technically to fulfill the project requirement sixteen times over even without running the wedding itself, something that has given lots of sophomores great ideas for their projects next year, as “apparently you just need to plan something for the project you don’t actually have to do any project”.

Michel is planning on counting all his gun and weapons research as “planning a worldwide gun show at WCC” next year for his JLP, Jeff Sarvis is planning on “planning a whole civilization out for six hours” for his, and another anonymous sophomore wants to just to “talk to himself about planning about playing a board game with a close friend sometime” for his. “Easy as pie,” he said, talking to an IIT reporter as he walked up to his dormitory. “I love what this school is coming to.”

Ellen also had a dozen members of her class asking to plan her wedding for her for their own JLP projects while other soon to be married couples including Marley and Kyle, and Estrella and Mik have reported receiving similar requests.