Lander, WY – New for the Fall 2020 semester, Wyoming Catholic College is now offering tutoring for three more subjects in addition to long-standing tutoring in Math and Latin offered by paid, primarily upperclassmen students who did particularly well in the courses they are now assisting other students in. Somewhat unexpected, given that most students don’t typically think of these subjects as all that difficult, three new tutors were hired this year to assist with Gymnopoetics, freshman Field Science, and the Experiential Leadership Program’s classroom component. 

School officials note that the perceived relative ease of these classes as opposed to others makes adding tutors for these subjects somewhat surprising, but “they’re actually the classes that students fail the most since they don’t take them seriously enough” Student Life Office official Mary Detsegah told IIT. “Practically speaking they’re actually harder for students on average to pass than Math 202, Science 301, or any of those other so called ‘terror courses’.”

Its the hope of WCC administration officials that having tutors for these classes will by a sort of reverse psychology make students more scared of them and more likely to take them seriously, but the tutors “will actually serve a teaching purpose” Detsegah adds. “Teaching students how to find the Suzankas house for the Gymnopoetics movie night, how to draw their name in cursive, or draw a plant properly are all important skills necessary for a great education and becoming a fully formed human being. We’re excited to have tutors now to help ensure that every student is able to do all of these things and do them all well.”

“And even with absolutely massive improvements to ELP this year since people always laugh at the mere mention of the word its pretty much a no-brainer that a tutor be added for that course to make it be taken more seriously until that reputation wears away,” says WCC Executive Vice President Saul H. Ciwoknot.

Names have not yet been given by the school of who exactly these tutors will be but “should come by the middle of next week, by which time also the tutors will post their hours” Mary adds. 

Tutoring is also under consideration for Music, Horsemanship, Winter Trip prep, and Work-Study according to an IIT source in close contact with WCC administration officials should this “test run” succeed.

College Junior (and prefect) Matt Kubisch is apparently unaffected by the announcement, however, as he, the same as last year, is still chanting “We want tutors, Yes We Do” in the hallways. “Because of him, the school’s also looking into How to Be A Prefect tutoring,” our source adds.