Mourning the loss of the PSL for yet another year.

Lander, Wyoming-10/22/2020.

Just a few weeks ago, Wyoming experienced the first taste of what you might consider to be true fall weather. According to meteorologists, we may be nearing the end of that particular experience. Rumor has it that tomorrow will see the first snowfall of the year for Lander, which is usually a sign that in a few weeks’ time, the cold will be here to stay (for months! Kind of like your great-aunt Shirley.) From the perspective of some, this is a tragedy.

Fall has developed its very own culture in the social circles of the worst addicts of American consumer-culture, white girls. For them fall brings with it all too many pumpkin-spice flavored treats, fall-scented candles, cute photo ops, and worst of all, quasi-poetic social media ramblings, as though the white girl was the first person to ever experience the season. Needless to say, Aldo Leopold’s writings are more worth your time.

That being the way it is, although fall is a decent season, I think that its end is for the better. As hard as the loss of the pumpkin-spice latte may be for white girls to bear, the end of the social media posts does have a particular sparkle to it as well. I think that based on the evidence, others will join me in saying: Let it snow! Welcome to Wyoming, my basic friends!