Lander, WY – Concept art discovered by an IIT intelligence agent showcases the school’s plan of building an enclosed pedestrian skybridge across Lander’s Main St. to connect its primary classroom building, the Baldwin Building with it’s newly acquired space across the street in the Orchard Building.

Although our agent was not able to discover the full details, costs, and timescale of the plan, a glass walkway suspended about twenty feet above Main Street is planned, rising from what looks to be newly constructed bump-outs atop the current roofline of each building. Large “Welcome to Wyoming Catholic College” signage looks planned to be affixed to the side of the bridge, while our source says there “will likely be a moving walkway inside the bridge, connecting the school’s new student bar directly to the new confessional adjacent to their new chapel.”

The concept art was discovered by an IIT agent. Please ignore the “for board use, not for public distribution.” We don’t think it means anything important. At least we don’t consider it important to us.

The overall design of the new structure reminds many of our staff of the pedestrian bridge at Denver International Airport, although at a smaller scale.

One thing, however, that confuses or even concerns us is the lack of any visible support structure for the bridge. While perhaps none may be needed if the only users will be pedestrians, Main St. appears to be wide enough in person that some support structure may be needed to prevent undue stress at the center of the new bridge.

Reportedly according to our source WCC is also considering the installation of an underground pedestrian tunnel or tunnels to “further connect school buildings in an enclosed, warm, and comfortable environment.”