The popular summer program’s new name and logo

Lander, WY – Wyoming Catholic College’s popular summer program P.E.A.K. is getting a new name for its 2021 season: D.A.T.E. Although nothing will change with the actual program itself, the school’s executive vice president, Saul H. Ciwoknot, “believes that the new name will better reflect what the program does for its participants. PEAK stood for Powerful Experience of Adventure and Knowledge and also reflects the peaks participants climb during thre backpacking portion of the trip. However, since most PEAKlets, as they’re called, are really just here to meet other people and, eventually, date, we think, D.A.T.E, or Doing Adventurous Things Eagerly is actually a better name.”

According to an IIT source within WCC’s school administration, most PEAKlets are already flirting with eachother before they make it off the bus to arrive in Lander for the program. Around 50% are actively dating by the midpoint of the program, and most people who go to PEAK eventually end up marrying someone they met on the summer program.

Again, all the example classes, community activities, and outdoor adventures that have made up PEAK will remain under the new name, but will serve to “better attract more people to the program by making it easier for them to find what they’re really after, love,” Ciwoknot added.

With the renaming of the program, participants are also expected to be known in future common parlance as: DATErs.