The Senior Orations of the WCC Class of 2022 may have been over for a week, but IIT is still compiling some of the most interesting facts about them. Did you know that:

Average length: 25:01. The Class of 2022 came in short. If it wasn’t for Thomas’ 35:00 oration, the average would have been below the oration project’s requirements.

Attendees at Jeremiah’s oration: 239. The entire student body (minus Ruth), every professor, and 30 visitors.

Words Per Minute Spoken by Jack: 433. That’s more than 7 per second, helping Jack to officially beat the previous record set by rapper Eminem.

Number of Quotes in Ciely’s handout: 65. All at size 5 font. If read at normal conversational speeds, her quotes alone would take 30 minutes to read.

Number of JohnJohnisms in John Collins’ oration: 120. Technically, the entire oration was a JohnJohnism. But we counted 120 uniquely identifiable phrases.

Number of times MaryAnne practiced her oration: 98. Seconded by Kathy at 57 practice runs.

Number of years of advanced mathematics required to understand Andrew Russell’s: 8. We’re told even the professors on his panel could barely understand his oration.

Longest title: Kathy Swift’s Hamlet Doesn’t Pray to Shakespeare, So Why Should I? As Characters in God’s Novel: How An Examination of the Interplay Between Divine Providence and Human Causality and in Particular What Prayer as Secondary Causality and What This Tells Us about God.

Shortest title: Louisa’s #selfcare.

Number of riots started by Class of 2022’s orations: 0. Unfortunately, Jacob’s was right before Mass, so no one had time.

Number of almost riots: 37. Unfortunately, too many people agreed with our positions. Better luck next year?