Los Angeles, CA – Today the Cincinnati Bagels and the Los Angeles Ramen face-off for Super Bowl LVI at Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium. Seeing Bagels face off against Ramen provides our imagination (and hunger) with quite an interesting matchup. For some, cheering a bagel onto victory, or seeing ramen as a sign of success But with many NFL teams finally beginning to come to terms with the problematic pasts of their team names we will have to embrace this brave new world of culinary titles. San Francisco Clam Chowders vs. Boston Bananas anyone? Here at IIT, however, we are proud to be the first business that’s not just passively coming to terms with this new reality, but rather is actively embracing it.

So, we congratulate the Cincinnati Bagels and the Los Angeles Ramen. May the most delicious mascot win!

*But watch out for Bagelism heresies. And don’t slip on your own success Ramen!