Nashville, TN – Local man, Hunter Lopez, 28, was shocked to find that his true calling in life was not to become a professional chef or build a start-up business. After months of searching for his purpose, Lopez stumbled upon the realization that scrolling through social media all day long was his true path.

“I was feeling really lost, just going through the motions with my job, trying to find something to make me happy,” said Lopez. “Then one day I just randomly scrolled through Instagram for hours and it felt like I had finally found my passion!”

Lopez has since become obsessed with social media and shared that it has become one of the biggest priorities in his life. He says he wakes up early every day, orders a Starbucks Frappuccino and scrolls through his feed, not missing a beat.

“Now I don’t even bother to check my emails, the news, or the weather. All I care about is scrolling through my feed and finding the latest memes and jokes,” said Lopez.

Lopez has also totally changed his lifestyle to accommodate his newfound love of scrolling through social media. He quit his job, sold his car and now rarely leaves the house. Most of his time is devoted to creating funny posts for his followers on all kinds of platforms, from Instagram to TikTok to Snapchat.

“No one understands my extreme dedication to scrolling through social media, but it’s all I care about,” said Lopez. “But I’m content, and I couldn’t be happier that I finally found my true calling!”

Update: Hunter has now run out of money and is no longer happy.