Lander, WY – Members of Wyoming Catholic College’s St. Athanasius Dormitory have voted to end emergency raiding powers granted to the prefect over ten years ago that enabled him to use the dorm’s raiding force against St. Leo’s whenever “he saw the fit.”

The powers, given during a period of intense conflict between the two dorms amid what one WCC graduate who was here at the time called a “clash of civilizations” only led to “increasing tensions in the upper Holy Rosary Dorm region” according to geopolitical strategist Peter Zeihan. “Rather,” as one resident of St. Athanasius told IIT, “they have led to an ever increasing military industrial complex around raiding in Athanasius that prevented us from ever focusing on our domestic needs because we were always going abroad looking for monsters to destroy.

Today’s vote by the dorm members to end the emergency powers given to their prefect means that the power to raid other dorms, and St. Leo’s in particular, returns to the voting body of the members of St. Athanasius in general, and not merely resting in the hands of the prefect. The dorm will have to vote to authorize a raid on St. Leo’s or any other dorm, rather than the prefect of Athanasius being able to force a raid on his dorm, and conscript all his dorm members to this end.

Peace activists praised today’s vote, calling it a “win for peace, love, democracy, and apple pie.” One or two Athanasius hardliners are hosting a protest rally tonight, calling the vote, “a tragic betrayal of the noble legacy of John Wayne.”