This year’s Wyoming Catholic College spring break Latin Canoe trip has decided to just stay put near Rawlins, WY and “start a Latin-only colony there rather than trying to return to Lander.” IIT sources report. The trip, trapped across a pass from Lander due to a heavy snowstorm and already delayed 36 hours from their schedule is giving up trying to return to the college because they’re “much happier living together in a place where they don’t have to hear any English.”

Shouts of “Curcubita” a Latin slang insult greeted an IIT reporter who tried to approach the 14 members of the trip, who were already far along on the process of building a Roman-style wall against their camp in uninhabited land near Rawlins, WY and had made great progress in Roman style battle plans to conquer, err, colonize the town and force it to adopt the high ideals of Roman civilization.

“Only the temptation of Lander providing greater potential for intellectual activity could ever sway any of them to leave what they’ve built and come back to Lander,” commented renowned expert on the junior class Jacob Allen (many of the party are juniors). “Cabellis Calton might return to lead COR, but I’d expect him to go back to this newfound start-up society as soon as he can,” Allen added.

Besides what they will be able to gain by conquest, the trip already has lots of resources, as they’re only down one canoe and one life vest from where they started and have a full van, several prefects, and most of the school’s choir with them, pretty much everything you need to have a successful community.

Dating rates are expected to skyrocket within this group (or, I guess colony) in about two weeks.