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We are here to help meet all your transportation, information, and other -tions needs. Irkutsk Ice Truckers News covers everything you need to know to be a student at WCC, a Catholic in wider society, a lover of the truth, and more… through an approach dedicated to the perfection and fulfillment of sophistry at its finest!

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We’re an unofficial news site run by Wyoming Catholic College Sophomores and Seniors of the Classes of 2020 and 2022. We were founded back in October 2018 as an organization kind of “by accident” or philosophically speaking a per accidens result to the collision of two natures. Most of our news is exaggerated, fake, or parodic, but usually is based on some incident or concern we’ve come across in our time as students here at WCC. Some, however, is based on larger world or church events from our perspective in “God’s country”. We love the school, we love the Church and we love the combination of education we here receive. And most of us (with the possible exception of one writer) don’t listen to or even really know much about metal. MetalMatch doesn’t really work for dating as we say, adoration and the 11:30 Mass are better and more popular times for such discernment. 

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Everett L. Polinski

President – Irkutsk Ice Truckers

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Lots of adventure. Difficult but then as a freshman once said, “Don’t worry about it!”