Irkutsk Ice Truckers plans to launch its next major business venture soon, the first album of its new band, Death Metalhead Ice Truckers.

Here’s a sneak preview at some of the songs you might see on the completed work.

Not Not-i-cin
So here they come what do you think?
See what I’ve been not no-ti-cin
A and B, X and Y, what do you think? Have you noticed?
I’m so great at not no-tic-in

At the pew, in the car, in the same group,
Studying, quote studying, eating, talking
See them, hear them, but don’t you notice
We’re so great at noticin

If you feel like fallin, FALL
If you feel, fall
Don’t think –  just fall
Here you come – fall
Just, fall, fall, fall, and FALL

Bonneville’s a comin, here’s a tree,
Ya dunt know what yore doin,
Ya don’t know why yur here
So just fall, fall, fall

Ride the big spirit and show off to yus prospect
Unbridled confidence is what I’m made of
So I’m comin – oh yeah I’m comin
I’m comin and I’m fallin!

They say it’s dangerous and I dunt care
Where’s that little black gate?
I’ve got things to prove, I’m tough and I dunt care
Backcountry here Im comin

I know about that backpack thingy so I’m fine
Avalanche dont mind me cause here I’m comin
Watch me, Watch me, I’m gonna fall, fall, fall
But I’m brave, brave, brave,

So here I come, shoutin with the wind
Flying through the snow
No care in the world, except provin what I do
Falling through the snow I hear a crack

Avalanche, ya-heee, ya-hooo
Fallin, I fall, Fallin, Falling, here I come
I made it through, I made it past, but now I’m dead

And truly fallen to the past

Fracta Cura (Break a leg)
Frac-ta Cu-ra, Frac-ta Cu-ra, Frac-ta Cu-ra
Break a leg, hit him in the head, kill ten men
Frac-ta Cu-ra, Frac-ta Cu-ra, Frac-ta Cu-ra
Stab him in the heart, take an arm, and don’t forget
Frac-ta Cu-ra, Frac-ta Cu-ra, Frac-ta Cu-ra

Age, Age, Ambulate, O-cci-di-te!
Frac-ta Cu-ra, Frac-ta Cu-ra, Frac-ta Cu-ra,
Battle, battle, battle, fight, fight, fight
Frac-ta Cu-ra, Frac-ta Cu-ra, Frac-ta Cu-ra
Crush, kill, destroy; Crush, kill, destroy