The 9/12 incident that destroyed much of Sinks Canyon and ravaged the southside of Lander last year rests deeply within our memories. We as a school, a nation, have not truly yet come to grips with the horrors that befell us that day, nor do many of us know those truly to blame for what happened, let alone their motivation. Some rest it on the newly founded the Wyoming I.R.A., some blame the Class of 2017 in rebellion against the school rulebook, others are suspicious of a possible Christendom connection, angered as they are at us revealing the truth of their widespread corruption. Is there a way to even know as the government hides the true details behind a cloak of secrecy, the Dr. Olsson and the NSA are investigating line, we believe it was neo-nazi sympathizers argument? And if we ever reach the who, then why. Come to think of it, what actually happened?

September 12, 2017 was of course near the beginning of the Class of 2021’s time here at W.C.C. Having just returned from C.O.R., and possibly already angry at a lack of proper bagel rations, there are plenty of reasons for them to have rebelled upon returning. They faced improper and unjust living conditions and requirements on their return to civilization under the overbearing authority of prefects in the police-like state we now take for granted, while school censorship of communications prevented them from even the basic human desire of talking with their families. Likely distressed from this oppression, there is ample reason to suspect an involvement, but the still inconclusive 9/12 attacks can likely not have been entirely their doing. For one, where would they have gotten explosives, cell-phones, tanks, and pitchforks? There has to be more, and recent revelations seem to indicate further external involvement.

The idea of a Christendom Connection back in August 2018 after James Green reported a fateful clue, the idea of the “Christendom party”, reporting on the radical behaviour he suspects to occur at the school. Deeply offending manby at the school by his comments, even though they are likely valid, further evidence of mass-drinking, an extortion ring and general revolution originating from Christendom College has sparked suspicion that Christendom was involved somehow in the 9/12 attack. There have been no direct evidence finds yet to conclude involvement, but given that they had a just motive, insults against their school, it seems plausible to think that several students from them came out to Lander for their just war of defense, to defend their honor. A combination of angry 2017 freshmen and Christendom visitors (several were reported to be in town prior to September 12, 2017) seems then most likely, with technical support also originating from the Thomas Aquinas College, which is also often offensively defined as “That Arrogant College” by various students at W.C.C. such as the deity Andrew Russell.

It seems to be firming more and more that 9/12 was a combination job of several organizations, but in itself, as each actor has apparently valid reasons for revolution, each as a suppressed victim fighting back against overbearing authority, why are so many angry at these attackers. Yes, they destroyed the property of their oppressors, committed what we usually call violence, and vanished with little trace, but that is to be expected of the oppressed. Come to think of it, why didn’t we join the revolution to help liberate them? It is our inaction that forced justice to come about in this manner, our neglecting to join the true moral heroes of these freedom fighters, that forced them to radical rebellion, and instead of being condemned, these attackers should be praised in their glorious victory and lauded as they ran off at the approaching armies for standing firm to the first man in their stance.

Yet even though this attack was obviously justified, many Lander citizens are still outraged, taken is as they are by the sophistry of the oppressors. Lieutenant Jack Swindell, for one, lauds the National Guard for its “bravery” in mowing down the freedom-seekers. He argues in his new book on the incident, The Battle for Lander: How We Saved It, that “these actors of malicious intent intended to kill thousands and launch an unjust rebellion against proper authority: so they’re obviously in the wrong” (Swindell, 154). While he is entitled to have an opinion, his objection is of course biased, being as he wants to justify his actions taken against innocent civilians who simply wanted freedom. We must understand that acts of what he and others term “terrorism” have been done by many throughout history, governments, freedom-fighters, and others, as they each to seek to rectify a grievance, right a wrong (or left a long, right?). Psychologically, terrorism as it is called is just politics; its actors trying to achieve a political end through fear of their glorious achievements, and success at achieving their end often involves great personal self-sacrifice on the part of the “terrorist”, who is simply acting as a representative of his people, oppressed and suffering. As such while it is right to feel horror at terrorism, as I opened this essay with “horrors”, it should be properly directed, at the originators of the anger, not those who seek justice. As French terrorist and seminarian Henry Joseph related, “I was scared because I was alone in the wilderness with wolves, bears, and Americans” (Joseph, 34). And what did he do with his fear? He launched the greatest epic of WCC history, the “lost boys” incident, leading not only himself to repute, fame, and glory, but also giving eternal memory and excitement to the eight men of WCCLE 5.

Terrorists are rational actors, think of them as politicians again, not like the crazy “bad-dudes” of ancient Greece, who say things like, “We’ve been killing all day and everyone’s tired, let’s have one-on-one killing.” They want the same things you do and are just like you. So if you feel oppressed, broken, sleepy, angry that you have to be back in a dorm at curfew: join the liberating and glorious WYOMING IRISH REPUBLICAN. ARMY. We fully and happily call ourselves a terrorist organization and want you to join us in our ages-long mission of freeing the oppressed, helping the hopeless, and learning what A-merr-ka has taught us. And becuase we’re all together for humanities night, join today. As the eminent professor Dr. McCauley supports our mission, Rinju has offered to give live demonstrations of terror tactics, and leadership in the WIRA is applicable to the Junior Leadership project requirement, why wait?

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Joseph, Henry. Wilderness Escapades – Trying to Kill WCCLE 5. Paris: Lawccle Presa, 2018