Hello my Fellow Rowdy Catholic Rockers,

Today is the day to make your move on the metalhead woman of your dreams. Since I know that some of my fellow brethren struggle in regards to making making the first move, I thought I’d share some tips from my past experience with members of the female metalhead community.

1. Get a Big Guitar

I know this may sound weak, but it works.

2. Wear a Tin Foil Hat

Aluminum and tin both work similiarly, but a metalhead hat trully helps you show that cerebrum off. Tin around Baldwin to “Stray Cat Strut” …

3. Get an EbMugBug and Bros Mug Shot

Do it, show off your new style! etbmugbug.com

4. Become an Irkutsk Ice Truckers contributor

Show ‘the one’ that you have what it takes to be part of the “bravest Metal there is”.
Email us at sales@irkutskicetruckers.com

5. Hang out in the new Pseudo-C-Sophmore Clubhouse

Once you’ve swept her away to the beat, study philosophy together in Baldwin rooms C/D. Join the Pseudo-Sophomore party with the professionals in the trade.

Here at IIT, we’re professionals at dating, pseudo-dating, metal, and more. Contact us today for more help if you need even more than this.

Happy dating!
Happy Valentine’s Day, Kids.