Hello My Fellow Rowdy Running-Off-Caffeine Rockers,

As you start your Herodotus essay here in the next hour or so, I’ve thought of a few good questions to bear in mind as you read through his deeply intriguing 842-page work for the first time.

I personally found these helpful as I started my outline:

1. What should I wear to Maryanne’s baking party tonight?

I’ve put this question first because it is the most important to be addressed. Recall that Maryanne is a judgmental individual who would be offended if you showed up wearing your knight costume, Michel. So dress nice, and stay classy my friends.

An important follow-up is:

2. Should I bring a gift?

This particular one I struggled with for a while. I mean there’s going to be like a million people there so I dont need a gift right but what if theres not omg I don’t want her to be mad at me but I don’t have money and she judges people and then she might know that im not rich and thats why im at WCC omg what is professor washut wearing

3. Will Maryanne be providing the alcohol or should I bring my fake?

Always play it safe my friends.

4. Will there be enough cake to bring a slice to Anselm?

Knowing Maryanne, who is a lit individual, she will make several extra cakes, so that you can bring a couple to Anselm, and give him a variety of types to choose from. Or just ask Elaine she makes stuff like that all the time.

These questions truly helped me to make my essay great because I thought about them right when I started 40 minutes ago, and I hope they’ll help you too.