Before a packed crowd of attendees, Nick King’s Senior Thesis Oration on the virtues of dancing ended on a surpising note as the acclaimed WCC liturgist asserted in repsonse to a question that “there is no way to denounce liturgical dance in all circumstances”. This astounding answer to a question of visiting Mr. T. Woods was a surprise to many attendees who found themselves even more confused when panelist Dr. Kent Lasnoski offered no rebuttal and in fact supported Nick’s point with a comparison of liturgical ministers’ movements to a form of dancing.


Unrelated to his first unscripted (as far as is known at press time) comment, Nick was speechless when questioned about the Prague 16th Century dancing calamity where dozens literally danced themselves to death.

Says an anonomyous scholarly critic in comment about the tragedy: “There are dark supernatural powers tapped into by dance. Dance awakens the supernatural, but ambigously.” While some like this critic show a definite concern over this incident as an example of a negativty possible from dance, yet Nick’s silence only furthers confusion as an interviewed cult leader said “dancing to death is an appropiate way to end life.”

Although one attendee insinuated conspiracy amongst our reporting of Nick’s comments, as he gave no definitive statement to be always in support of litugical dance, and he in fact did hold some reservations about its use in the current time, in the interest of true openness and opinion we believe it propoer to suggest that this matter be examined further. IIT should soon have an itnerview with our staff Average Muslim Liturgist for his opinion and commentary on the matter.

Has the liturgical revolution invaded WCC? What do we now face with this breathtaking proclamation?

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