Although he was found and returned after his escapades with the infamous Lost Boys Fifth Regiment, Cyril A. Patton is rumored to have been missing for months from his dormitory at WCC, St. Leo’s.
Multiple sources admit to not seeing him for long periods of time without explanation and a “Missing Roommate” sign was even on display for a time.
While recent reports indicate that he has communicated with school officials this month about permanently leaving the school, and so has been “found”, the question remains, how could a student have gone missing for months without explanation?
I.I.T. plans to investigate the matter further amid further reports that there was an unidentified student present for months at another undisclosed location. Could these be the same location, and if then, what prompted his absence/transference?
A connection to reports that both St. Leo’s and this [redacted] location were haunted by the ghost of William Albers, who died freakishly on the Freshman Expedition, C.O.R.? Or does it have something to do with the Evangelium Andreii, Cult of the Tree of Life headquartered in St. Leos?
Something is underfoot, and student want answers, like Aretari Polinski who says, “he’s wondering if he can even trust Leo’s prefect after this. What if I disappear or get kidnapped? Will anyone care?”
Amid these concerns, IIT will make a full investigation for the good of the community as a whole.
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