Today is Ash Wednesday folks, and freshmen rockers like our readers may be wondering how to keep the day and Lent as a whole in a metalhead spirit.
Thus, from the team at IIT, here are a few suggestions for how to make Ash Wednesday and Lent a crazy deep and good experience for deepening your relationship with God through the the ice-trucking metal spirit.
1. Get a Ash tattoo on your forehead
Show off your faith to the crowd with a permanent mark unlike those pesky temporary ash marks Be cool about it, many different styles available as shown here
2. Give up on sleep for Lent

Do it. Not only will it be a great penance, your health will immensely improve as Professor Patton demonstrated through his groundbreaking research with his Anti-Sleep Foundation. Plus you can do metal at night and the extra danger
3. Tell your professor that you are giving up on grades and will submit to God’s will in the matter of when you do your homework.

Yes, you’ll make them happy when you tell them thta tyoy care more about the search for the truth than a frew letters on a paper. Just make sure to tell them that you’ve discerned that God’s will for you is to skip homework
4. Listen to Metalized versions of Lenten and Passion music

Stabat Mater, Dolarosa to a beat. Were You There When, metallized… Get your passion for metal 

into a pentiential mode with such classics redone in the style of “the bravest metal there is”.

Have any other ideas? Share them with us at IIT by writing to