Anselm Terreri –
His room is apparently haunted by William’s ghost

For those who have not yet heard the tragic/epic WCCLE 5 story, see our post here, but lo and behold their adventure has not yet ended, with more in-explainable occurrences among the survivors having been reported.

Anselm Terreri and Mikolaj Zagorski, two high ranking officers from the “Lost Boys” had roomed at WCC with Joseph Nemec, a member of WCCLE 6 for the fall 2018 semester of their studies at Wyoming Catholic College. Cyril Patton, rumored to have gone missing for months last fall was supposedly a frequent visitor to their room, but then, something happened in December.
Joseph just couldn’t get any sleep. Now the usual and simple answer would be that his roommates from WCCLE 5 were staying up late and keeping him up, but with other reports of hauntings around the WCC premises, by prefects in fact, we decided to investigate.

We interviewed numerous members of the hotel dormitory, and have received many disturbing reports both at the hotel dormitory, and surprisingly at several other locations amidst the WCC campus.

   Apparently the school has been trying to keep these incidents quiet – yet interviewees have released their reports, unfazed by the threat of threats.

David (left) with William (a week before the tragedy)

Joel, prefect at the hotel men’s dorm in fact comments that terror over weird sightings has been keeping many in their rooms. “It must be keeping them in their room since they never show up for night prayer” he said concerning one room particularly said to be haunted.

Coming soon, interviews with several of the witnesses of the WCC hauntings.

Mik’s Interview with IIT correspondent James

Does this strange image of two members
 of the hotel dorm have any bearing on
 the strange incidences now occurring there?