U.S. – According to several 2020 Democrat presidential candidates in surprising agreement with each other America’s very survival as a nation is at stake due to a population of “deplorables” holding to a dangerous and spreading “fear of people”.

“Usually we support the down-trodden and helpless,” said Alexa Oresteia Columbus, one of the five interviewed as part of a medical panel on the subject today, “but we’ve decided that people with this disorder deserve punishment and not compassion.”

Paul Andbutornor of Indiana agreed with her, saying “we should all take pride in our advancing society crushing descent. Do we really want such a scary prospect as an idea of objectivity? Because that’s what these deplorables want to force upon us by being allowed to live with their fear. Shouldn’t we just punish them?”

Crowds seem to be agreeing with these words, as thousands (supported generously in their free choice to protest by George Soros) came out around the world to fight for the right “to kick these phobics” and win “Justice for the ADBSBVs!” as a few shouted.

Surprisingly, however, even as the aforementioned candidates and protestors complain of the dangerous effects of these “phobics” IIT was unable to find any of them. No one in our exhaustive analysis showed any signs of fear of people in general even as such a fear of people is quite terrifyingly put as requiring violence to overcome.

Funny, its almost as if these protesters are afraid of something …

At press time, we also find no reason for these ADBSBVs to protest as their claims of “support of all lifestyles” most definitely do not include those for whom they suggest violence and say are disordered. If they’re suggesting justice, then why are they are encouraging violence against victims.

Note: Hope the meaning here was clear. The homosexual agenda has improperly coopted the words it has stolen, with their insinuations of homophobic literally meaning “fear of people”. What? Putasne nos stulti.