Illustrating the incredible power of Irkutsk Ice Truckers’ supercomputers, this dialogue was written by a computer neural network with commentary added in italics for clarity. We started with the single bolded line of Dr. Zepeda below and from the computer got the rest. Tell us what you think and try it out yourself at this link.

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So here goes, (by the Computer)

It was a field science excursion, the first semester of Freshman year, the day cold, the wind high, while things were getting spicy in Section 20.

“Honestly, I swear, the freshmen guys flirt like cavemen! said Dr. Zepeda, watching two of his thirteen students “talk” instead of study the flora and fauna as prescribed. “Blake and Slagathor again,” he thought, “but there’s Daniel…and? Charles? Why, he was supposed to be in Section 400. No wait, that’s my dream section, he’s in, 200, right? Still what’s he doing here?”

Charles was a little like Blake as he himself admits, but a more thoughtful version, altered in several respects but sharing the same spicy nature. So with Charles, Blake, Daniel and… Slagathor all in one section, and as chance, or perhaps intelligent intent had put it, in the same field “quote studying” the same plant, it wouldn’t take much for things to get spicy really quick.

Zepeda watched these four in particular. Charles was talking and he could just barely make out his words.

Daniel … aka Omnisciens

Charles –  I’m in the woods with this girl, trying to find a flower. No, wait, am I really in the woods, get it? If I were in the wood I’d be in the tree over there.

But Daniel, the studious one, doesn’t “get it”. However, this afternoon’s vigil may be a little too much, or perhaps rather too little for a mind as his:

Daniel -This place is kind of dark, it’s a bit boring or should I say less stimulating to the benefit of the higher intellectual faculties?

Blake -Did you know that if you spell girl backward you get L-rig. I think that means big rig and that’s how I feel about you.

Slagathor is unimpressed, again. “Blake’s still at it?” she asks herself. – Umm… Yeah!

Charles -Does anyone have a phone? Err, camera, sorry.

Blake- Why? You’re gonna write an article about this?

Charles -Nah, just thought of a great idea. See that rock over there?

Slagathor -The one that looks like Dr. Baxter?

Charles -Well, maybe, but you have to take pictures of it and I’ll tell you the plan.”

Slagathor -Yeah, right!

Blake and Slagathor

She walks away, to the rock fifty feet away, as Charles makes his move

Charles –I’m going to ask her.

Blake -Ask her what?

Charles – To marry. I’m sure you didn’t take the dating talk that seriously—I was just wondering if you had any plans to marry her?

It seems Charles overlooked the obvious move Blake had just made. He only has a few seconds so when Blake takes longer than 0.4632 seconds to respond, he makes his move, dashing over to Slagathor as a

Blake -I date everyone, so

And here we pause, as the power of a computer is only so…so… great.

How do you think the story should finish?

And most importantly – will Daniel still be saying: “I’m single” in his world famous tone?