Lander, WY: Astonishing Dr. Grove so much that he gave a normal quiz to his class the next day, several freshmen discovered this planet during their Astronomy field science expedition.Evelyn from Thompson, Manitoba, the first to see the sight with a 1,000,000,000,000 times magnification system said she had always suspected their were habitable planets out there, but is stupefied to have kind of discovered first one to be imaged directly by accident.

“I was blowing the bubbles, hun, while I was listening to Dr. Grove,” she said, “and then I noticed that I could see this through the bubble when it was front of a star” (referencing the above planet image). Perhaps it was the temperature, 45 deg below zero, that did this on such a beautiful Wyoming evening.

Scientists are similarly confused, with many already calling this picture a fake, but Dr. Grove, immediately noticing a commotion when Evelyn first apprehended this image of a reality, was immediately convinced, launching a PAC (political action committee) to pressure the new USA Space Force into reaching this planet, said by others to be 500 light years away from the Earth.

And he plans to do even more than that, ultimately launching WCC into the beyond.

“We’ve got to think long-term,” he offered in an exclusive IIT interview. “WCC in Space. And with what Trump told me today, we’ll have WCC-#2 ready for the Class of 2030. Finally outdoing TAC with their so-called landmark East Coast. campus we’ll be the first interplanetary liberal arts school.”

What effect this might have on admissions is difficult to determine but WCC has begun to advertise this new campus as soon as they establish a business venture there, or, even earlier, figure out how to got there.

At press time, Democrats are similarly planning to open branch campuses of their numerous re-education centers (a.k.a. as colleges to some) on this yet to be named planet, forcing WCC to need to up its ante (schedule) to stay competitive.