Sporting a radical new hairstyle, for him, holding a gun with his hand on the trigger, and facing you, almost looking you in the eye with a determined, unmoving glance, Theo is ready for the moment.

Posted on MetalMatch by a user going by the name of “M the Goof”, this image was discovered by our staff this morning without any attached post. Where it was taken remains a mystery given the stark gray background, but we believe it “could” have been within one of the barely used classrooms of the Augur Building. If there, he could have been on official, so-called legitimate business “dater-hunting” for the school or enforcing a lock-up. But, some of our scientists think a deeper action may have been at play when this picture was taken.

Usually, a gun isn’t needed for enforcing policies on even the most hard-core daters. The fact that Theo has his drawn suggests a threat far greater to the very safety of WCC, but one which Theo is taking on with his usual can-do, no-nonsense attitude. Whatever it is, he’s ready for it.

But we would like to know if that is what happened for sure…

And again, what happened to his hair?