Blaise Galbraith, hero of the WCC Class of 22 Freshmen Dance, and a well-known heavy metal rocker, shocked his classmates this morning with the announcement that he had become a pirate over the summer

Taking the new name Blaise Morgan he has he has already signed promotional deals with several beer companies and is even in consideration for a Super Bowl commercial this coming year.

This was a complete surprise to almost everybody, but illustrates how at WCC just about anything can happen. We don’t know if he’ll act as a pirate when he returns to WCC, or, for that matter, what “being a pirate” really means, but you can count on being surprised, with the blaze of the Bla-zea. Does this mean a victory though for the socialist trends within WCC as piracy seems to be a “more cultured form of socialism” according to biker Marcus Gardner, a Junior at WCC?

In other news, Timothy Dominick may have a new style, one promoting almost as much mystery as our newfound pirate.

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