A ‘minor’ alteration has been made to a Certain Room. The object, a simple flag hanging on a wall, is becoming a subject of whispered concern among a few upperclassmen – and the whisperings threaten to spread as fire does – swiftly and violently – ushering in not merely a school-wide uprising, but a potential global war.

Perhaps the owner of this flag is merely a Templarian Fan, but that is unlikely. Most probable is the growing suspicion that the unnamed keeper is wanting to secretly begin a Gathering of like-minded individuals who can wield a blade. Recent polls among IIT Staff and an Undercover Campus Security Agent show that the concerns do not stop there.

“It is highly probable that they will attempt to undermine the Freemasons, clearing all affiliation of the Templars with that cult; they would then revive the Order and in a fairly short time they could, with enough support, launch the Tenth Crusade.” says Security Agent Mitchel Rouge.

IIT is waiting for further information to be gathered – the news leakage is merely 8 hours old, and information on this subject is not only volatile, but highly guarded. All we know is that there are Rumours and the banner of the Knights Templar on campus.

The next few months will show if this will die down or engulf the Middle East in another war for the Holy Land.