Lander, WY – Wyoming Catholic College Administration is facing tough new questions over the weekend over paradoxical internet restrictions. As we learned 11 pm Friday night the personal website of Dr. Peter Kwasniewski, a founding and former professor of the school, is banned on the campus internet network while subversive sites such as that of rival Thomas Aquinas College (TAC) and even Christendom College are fully accessible at all campus locations.

“That’s just crazy,” said freshman Curtis Shine of Massachusetts, the first to discover this weird dichotomy. “A founder of the college deprecated and distrusted while we allow anybody and everybody to look at the dangerously subversive TAC site and even fill out their application from here?”

Some students reported being able to access Dr. Kwasniewski’s personal website but two attempts by IIT staff corroborate what he found while also demonstrating completely unrestricted access to TAC’s homepage.

School officials have not yet commented on this dichotomy of allowing outside “subversive material” in while blocking (at least in part) the positive (concordant with wisdom) material of Dr. Kwasniewski.

A system processing error that incorrectly flagged Dr. Kwasniewski’s online writings as problematic in some weird way is one possibility, but the fact that we’re only just finding this out now is interesting. Given Kwasniewski’s intense popularity in and around the school he helped to found wouldn’t someone have tried to access his site and discover this sooner? It seems then that this ban must have only just started, something which means it was put in there intentionally.

While this could mean internal malfeasance, external hacking to corrupt WCC’s firewalls could be to blame, as especially evidenced by the fact that Thomas Aquinas College’s website is again completely accessible.

Several other students were immediately informed by Curtis, along with us, of this discovery and have sent an inquiry on the matter in to the Student Life Office where they currently are awaiting an answer.