Owing to the incredible apprehension of tiredness beginning to become to a deadly problem in the Sophomore class, the “Blue Room” (also known as Jim’s Apartment) of the Baldwin Building was officially declared the “Designated Dormit Room” by WCC administrators. This means that sleeping, once discouraged in all but the dorms, and even discouraged there by many prefects, finally may have a home. This new offering features five couches, two “man-spread” chairs, and a “sleepable table” along with a dozen pillows, blankets, and a guarantee that it will be the quietest part of Baldwin. Open every time students are allowed out of their dorms, admission is on a first come first serve basis and everyone is allowed to sleep there as long as they want, according to reports of a pending update to the student handbook concerning this addition state.

Tired students everywhere are rejoicing, as evidenced by this photo a junior shared with us about the first afternoon with at least six users present from the time the room was announced and two more later joining the united slumbers that seem to define a typical WCC afternoon, whether inside or outside of class.

While WCC presidential candidate Parker Eidle strongly supports this mercifully generous gift to those who prefer not to sleep at night, he also voiced some strong concerns in a recent interview. “While the Blue Room may be good for napping, it seems necessary an official prefect in order to prevent the Blue Room from turning red-hot… (implied winking)”

Crowding may also be a problem as couch space is already limited during the popular “skip out of class” morning timeslots and “date-till-you-drop” evenings. It’s funny, but days and times when Dr. Pako is teaching seem to be the top times for usage of this room.” Chief WCC Student Research Analyst James reported to IIT today. “We’re monitoring it and may have to expand to use the basement in some capacity as “overflow” space, but at present, the idea of encouraging more class participation as will be helped by this weekend’s running of Don Rags seems likely to help solve this issue decidedly.”

Further, this crowding needs to be solved soon amidst negative reputations for the room popping up amongst the freshman echoing Pako’s concerns as with one who said “The blue room is the root of all evil at this school” or another who complained it’s “nothing but depression and nauseating PDA.”

“Only a few brave souls are willing to enter that pit of depression, sadness, and every other evil” an undisclosed Junior told us leading to the supposition that this popularity currently being experienced might be nothing more than the same few individuals who “are willing to enter” using it all the time and little else.

And violence may be coming to it as well as we heard this cryptic statement: “Hiram is retiring from his Crusading career and will no longer venture into this dark place and will now venture into Crux where true charity virtue and Platonic friendship abound and fill every soul with peace.”

To save the opinion of the room, even as it is still extremely popular amongst the section of the community who’s preferences are other than Hiram’s, WCC administrators announced a clean-up campaign to improve the smell, lighting, and mood that is currently in progress, and as with Pako’s comment, they are considering appointing him a prefect over the room as of Friday.

Student Life director Mrs. Hazameter said the “situation is completely handled” however in a recent IIT interview and “encourages everyone to at least give the room a chance.”