Announced too late for the Fall Outdoor Week, the WCC Student Life Council decided to close one apparent loophole in the school’s dress code, it’s past application or lack thereof upon the school’s outdoor program.

No one except maybe Nick King or Andrew Russell wears fully dress code compliant clothing on outdoor trips, even though there’s no Student Handbook based argument not to follow the basic classroom dress protocols in the wilderness. “The wilderness is the classroom for the ELP and the OLP tracks,” says Dr. Bear Gyrlls, head of the WCC outdoor program. “So we’re very bothered to hear that some people, or maybe make that almost everyone, just isn’t cutting it.”

No one will be fined for their past violations of the dress code policy during WCC outdoor expeditions, but the apparent loophole, or better described by some as simply gross disobedience, is being closed by the official declaration of “Outdoor Dress” equal exactly in requirements to “Classroom Dress”.

“We’re still investigating how everyone came to be so radical in their clothing styles in the wilderness,” Dr. Gyrlls continued, “But we should have pretty near full compliance during this Fall Trip.

Conversely, WCC is also investigating how WFRs and LODs, essential components of the outdoor curriculum, are not also part of the indoor class offerings.