In apparent retribution for its being open on Sundays, something the entire WCC theology department, chaplaincy and most students usually oppose, Crux Coffee’s website has been blocked by God’s direct intervention into Wyoming Catholic College’s internet network, multiple student sources confirm.

But this current divine intervention is only a beginning. “This is only a prelude to a greater punishment, however,” warns Theresa Scheidler, an Illinois junior who is campaigning for the college owned coffee shop to change its hours. “We’re going to see greater signs than these,” she said, quoting scripture, “And it’s only a matter of time before the coffee changes to blood and fire and brimstone come forth from the warmers while the earth opens up to swallow customers into the yawning basement below.”

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Theresa is not alone in her condemnation of Crux, as several professors have hinted at her thoughts in freshmen theology classes considering the Commandments. Few of them are willing to speak out directly like her and in such a prophetic manner, but WCC Professor Cleanit said simply when asked about the situation: “Listen to her, and come to your own conclusions. She is a holy woman.”

Crux has made no response to her warnings, but she continues to protest outside the coffee shop every Sunday drawing students to join her with coffee and donuts provided from Frassati for all who come and attend.